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Kate Lutow, Staff Writer

Kate Lutow is a junior. It is her second year taking Journalism and she is truly excited. She is a staff member for the photo team. Kate enjoys reading; her favorite book(s) is the Percy Jackson series; in that series she likes the first book "The Lighting Thief." She also likes to hang out with my friends including her best friends, Ashlee O'Neill and Meghan Mock.  Her favorite classes are Journalism and English. She likes going to visit her friends and family in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She has a twin sister that goes to school here; her name is Julia Lutow.  Her favorite food is pizza.  She has two cats named  Tommy and Figaro.  Tommy  is  her  favorite  of  the  two  cats  because  he  is  sweet  and likes  to  snuggle. Her family got Tommy first so she has had him longer. They named her second cat Figaro because  her mom thought  he looked  like the cat  Figaro  in Mickey  Mouse.

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Kate Lutow