Valor Dictus

Trivia Tuesday

Patrick Foos, Student Blogger

September 20, 2019

Hello, and welcome to trivia Tuesday. I'm Patrick and a trivia expert, some would even say I know everything there is to know about everything (they'd be wrong(also no one says that(can you even put parentheses inside parentheses?)))....

Welcome to the Absurdity

Patrick Foos

September 20, 2019

Howdy y'all Patrick Foos here, blogging as I always do in Fairfax Virginia. Or am I, this is the first blog so how could I possibly always blog here. The answer is quite simple, I have no idea. Anyhow, my name is Patrick and I'm...

Vote Biden: Save Grandma

Patrick Foos

September 20, 2019

Several months ago Joe Biden, the front runner for the 2020 Democrat Party nomination promised at a rally  on June 11 he would quote "promise you if I'm elected president, you're going to see the single most important thing that...

Do Schools Place too Much Emphasis on Testing?

Andrew Lichtblau, Business Manager

June 3, 2019

Albert Einstein once claimed that a man’s intelligence is not distinguished by his knowledge but instead by his imagination.The words of the man admired as one of the world’s greatest intellectuals of the past century certain...

Building Your College List: “Dream,” “Ambition,” and “Comfort”

Andrea Darmawan, Staff Member

April 30, 2019

Three summers ago, I drove down to southern Virginia with my family and toured my dream school.  After the third quarter ended, I traveled to Pennsylvania to tour my “ambition” school. Over spring break, I met my “comfort”...

Which Music App Does Everyone Have

Leo Villavicencio, Staff Member

February 12, 2019

Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube are all platforms that you can listen to your favorite songs to. Some have more special features of them that others don't. Some of these features can either make the app better or worse th...

Which Music Genre is More Popular?

Daniel Martin, Staff Member

January 9, 2019

As a student and teen, music is a big part of my life. Whether it is studying or just relaxing on the couch music shapes my mood and my point of view on the world, because music is so important I decided to dig deeper. My que...

Rams Weigh in on Having a Job

Andrea Darmawan, Staff Member

January 9, 2019

As a high-school junior, I’ve always pondered getting a job. College costs are ridiculously high, after all, and I would love the freedom to spend money I’ve earned instead of having to ask my parents for spending money. Las...

How to Not Mess Up Your College Application, According to Admissions Officers

Andrea Darmawan, Staf Member

October 17, 2018

Last year, I had numerous friends in the graduating class, and I would grill them to the point of exhaustion about what they were experiencing as they went through the college application process. I do not personally know many...

Why Pandora Plus Is a Better Splurge Than Apple Music

Andrea Darmawan, Staff Member

October 4, 2018

I adore music. I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift since I was ten, and I’ve been known to blast Alessia Cara, Ariana Grande, and/or Florida Georgia Line from my iPhone while doing algebra. But last year, when I hit a music...

Are Language department trips worth it?

September 27, 2018

Late march of 2018, I am in an airport wondering about this very question.  “Are language department trips worth it?” At the time I had no idea, as I searched around the busy terminal for familiar faces.  A group begins to gath...

Why STEM Shouldn’t Have the FCPS Crown

Andrea Darmawan, Staff Member

September 14, 2018

When I think about third grade, happy images of Girl Scout meetings and gaining confidence in my ability to write through winning second place in a short-essay contest come to mind. (Life was so simple back then.) Unfortunately,...

Bravely Speaking to the Robinson Community