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What does the word Thanksgiving mean?

Thanksgiving has several different meanings; a commonly known one is the act/expression of giving thanks. Thanksgiving is an annual holiday which is the celebration of thanks/kindness.


History of Thanksgiving 

In the year 1621, the colonists from Plymouth and the Wampanoag sat down and had a fall feast. This was acknowledged as the first thanksgiving. Many thanksgivings were celebrated by the colonies over the years, but it wasn’t acknowledged as a national holiday until 1863 by Abraham Lincoln.


Why Turkey?

There are a number of references to eating turkeys on Thanksgiving. Wild turkey was an extremely common food source for the people who settled at Plymouth. This bird tended to be hunted by men that were set out to hunt for birds. Turkeys are now a popular dish to see on families tables on this celebration of feast. 


Different Varieties of Thanksgiving Around the World


Japan:  Japan celebrates the giving of thanks, however, it is called Kinrō Kansha no Hi. The people celebrate this holiday on November 23. In Japan, most people are given the day off from work to celebrate. Kinrō Kansha no Hi is selected to occur on this certain day in order to thank the harvest season as well as the labor and production.


Germany: Erntedankfest is often celebrated on the first Sunday in October which hosts Evangelisches Johannesstift Berlin. This is done to thank specifically God, in the gifts of harvest. This festival takes place all day and at the end of the day the harvest crown is presented. There are several parades and fairs that take place on this day.


Puerto Rico: Día de Acción de Gracias, which means Thanksgiving Day, is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. People celebrate this day to give thanks to the harvest. It is marked as the start of the Christmas season.


Netherlands: In the Netherlands they celebrate American thanksgiving due to the time the Pilgrims spent working in the city Leiden. Every year people gather in the beautiful church of Pieterskerk, Leiden; where people celebrate the perseverance of the Americans. 


The four places above are not the only places that celebrate some kind of version of Thanksgiving there are also Canada, Liberia, Saint Lucia, China, and along with many more. 


Top 5 Best Dishes on Thanksgiving

   -selected by Robinson students-

Sweet potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Mac and Cheese 




Top 5 Best Pies for Thanksgiving

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