Rams Dance for Homecoming

The 2019 Homecoming dance is coming up on September 28th. It will be held in the gym this year from 8:00-11:00. The tickets cost 15 dollars and at the door it costs 20 dollars. Valor Dictus interviewed high school students about their thoughts on the dance this year.

As advertised the theme for the dance is candyland. “There will be a whole bunch of balloons and colored lights,”Kaley Walsh, an SGA member said. “There is a cotton candy machine, candy arches, and lots of bright colors.” 

Sophie Maclachlan, a freshman said she is excited to hang out with her friends and experience her first highschool dance, but she said she did not like the Candyland theme. Maclachlan plans on getting ready with her friends and taking pictures ahead of time. “I’m not positive about any sort of dress because I haven’t gone shopping,” she said. 

Trey Davis, a freshman said he was excited to ask a girl out and hang out with friends. Davis hoped there would be a place to dance and a separate place to eat in the gym.Davis said he was not sure what he would be doing before the dance. “It depends if I get rejected or not,” he said. “I will probably hang out with my friends and go out to eat.” If he could pick the theme for the dance Davis would pick “Under the Sea.”

When Gabrielle Romano a sophomore was asked if she is doing anything with involving the theme Romano replied, “I’ll put candy clips in my hair.” Romano plans to where the same dress as last year or get a new dress. Romano hopes on going to the dance with her girlfriend.

Billy Warter, a sophmore plans on going to a restaurant with a group and taking pictures before the dance. When asked who he plans on going with, Warter replied, “ I’m going with a group but I’m not asking anyone.” If he could pick the theme for Homecoming Warter would pick “Back to the Future.”

Mackenzie Choffel, a junior said she is excited to hangout with her friends. Before the dance Choffel plans on getting ready with her friends and going to dinner, the restaurant is unknown for now but soon will be picked. When asked what theme for Homecoming if she was able to pick, Choffel said, “I really liked last year’s, which was outer space or out of this world.” 

Samuel Freire, a junior said she is excited to hangout with friends and the food. Freire plans on going with his friends to the dance. If he could pick the theme for the dance Freire would pick a rave. When asked what he hopes will be at the dance, Freire said, “Music that isn’t rap and pizza.”