Valor Dictus

2019-2020 Staff

Andrew Lichtblau


Andrew Lichtblau is a junior at Robinson. This will be his third year of Journalism, where he serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Valor Dictus. He enjoys...

Ashlee O’Neill

Photo Editor

Ashlee am the photo editor for Robinson Journalism.  Ashlee  am a sophomore. This is Ashlee's second year writing for the Robinson's magazine and website. ...

Salome Nebiyu

Sports Editor

Salome Nebiyu is a junior at Robinson Secondary. Her role at Valor Dictus is as a sports editor. Outside of the journalism room, she rows boats, serves...

Terra RussekRobbins

Managing Editor

  Terra RussekRobbins is a junior this year at Robinson Secondary. She serves as the Managing Editor for Valor Dictus. If she's not in the journalism...

Khadeejat Lawal

Staff Writer

As her final year on the staff, senior Khadeejat Lawal is excited to continue as a Valor Dictus staff writer. When she is not in the journalism room working on ...

Nathan Wells

Staff Member (Photographer)

Nathan Wells is a 10 grader at Robinson. His mostly consists of picture and slideshows.

Ronnie Woods

Staff Member

Jack Blowers

Staff Member

Hey, I’m Jack, I’m a senior, I like sushi.

Charlotte Butler

Staff Member

Charlotte Butler is a senior here at Robinson. Her favorite class to take is math class. Something she wants to do after she graduate is go to college a...

Ava Thys

Staff Member

Ava Thys is in 9th grade. Her favorite class is math. After graduation she wants to go to college at UCLA. Her favorite team is the Yankees. She is not...

Anne Christensen

Staff Member

Anne Christensen moved to Robinson from Budapest, Hungary this year. She is a senior. When she is in college she wants to major in elementary educatio...

Thomas Gaul

Staff Member

Thomas is a junior and his favorite class is advance guitar ensemble. Outside of school, he mostly plays guitar. His favorite sport is probably soccer or bas...

Timothy Little

Staff Member

Timothy Little is a Freshman. His favorite class is Journalism, where he takes pictures and interviews. Outside of school he plays soccer and he is also ...

Adamek Dembicki

Staff Member

Adamek is in 9th grade. His favorite class is journalism because he enjoys writing about current events. He is involved with the Robinson Speech and De...

Maria Dimian

Staff Member

Maria Dimian is a junior at Robinson. Her favorite class is English and she plays basketball. She is hoping to get the chance to attend New York Unive...

Kate Lutow

Staff Member

Kate Lutow is a sophomore. It is her first year taking Journalism and she is truly excited. She is a staff member for the photo team. Kate enjoys reading;...

Amelia Simonsen

Staff Member

Amelia Simonsen is in 9th grade at Robinson. Her favorite class is English. In the future after graduation, she sees herself attending college. Her favorite...

Mitchell Colter

Staff Member

Mitchell Colter is in the eleventh grade. Mitchell writes most sports edition stories. Mitchell plays piano and he also plays cornerback for Robinson,...

Zoe Dolfis

Staff Member

Zoe Dolfis is a 9th grader at Robinson. She is on the photo team and loves to take pictures! She had done Journalism for three years now because she was...

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