Somebunny Wants to Know Your Thoughts

While Easter is a religious holiday; it is on most calendars. Several people use this day to gather with their family and friends; while doing a countless number of various activities. These activities have turned into traditions for millions of families.

When April comes around there are many traditions to look forward to. Most traditions associated with Easter have to do with eggs. One of the famous traditions is dying eggs. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. Another tradition may include an Easter egg hunt is where one or more participants look for eggs that are hidden around a designated area. After finding the eggs there may be a surprise or candy awarded to the participants. When it comes to candy Easter is notorious for the chocolate: there are chocolate shaped like bunnies and eggs.   

There are a large number of Robinson students that celebrate on this day of Easter. Valor Dictus surveyed a number of students, on the topic of celebrating Easter,  and resulted in the majority voting they do celebrate Easter. When participants were questioned upon the traditions that they uphold they mainly consist of the activities of going on an egg hunt and dying eggs. For the voters do not celebrate Easter those people were asked what they celebrate in replacement of Easter. Voters answered saying the following: Passover, Eid Al Adha, and Eid Al Fitr. l Since several students stated that their celebration of Easter  contains egg hunts; students were requested to answer the question, if they find or hide eggs. The results came back being more than half of the students find the eggs during an Easter egg hunt.

In conclusion, Easter is not just a religious holiday, it’s a day full of plastic eggs, candy, family gatherings, bunnies, and crafts. While Easter is not celebrated by all, there are still a large number of students that do. Also various students have family traditions that may bring the family together with activities they can do together.