Gathering the Memories

In “The Memory Thief” people live in a world where they have special powers called gifts. The gifts give you the power to take away other people’s memories.There are four realms, The Stone Ream, The Desert Realm, The Coastal Realm, and The Woodland Realm. Julietta poses as an ungifted to stay hidden from the Shadows, living in the city Craewick. The Shadows are thieves who run the black market of memories. When Julietta gets desperate to save her mom she turns to the Shadows for help. As she goes on a journey to free the leader of the Shadows, she encounters a lot of dangers.


When she finally frees the leader, the war begins between the Shadows and the Stone Realm. Will Julietta free the Realms from the evil leader Madame? This book is filled with turns and surprises.


The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy is a thrilling chase and an adventure throughout.

“The Memory Thief” is written by Lauren Mansy. It was published on September 24, 2019. The character Etta Lark wants to protect her family and friends and will do anything to protect them. As the story progresses she gets closer to saving the people in her life. This story is about the relationship between mother and daughter and how Etta does anything for the people she loves. To save her mother, she goes on a trip to save the leader of the Shadows and gains a friendship with a person named Reid. Reid is a character that wants to protect a girl named Ry and he wants to try and find his brother. This book is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.