Change in Schedule


A new bell schedule has been released to the Robinson community, starting February 16, 2021 and ending March 2, 2021. Classes will now be starting at 8:20 am. Instead of having a longer lunch it has been cut. To end the day students will be let out 5 minutes earlier than usual.

Valor Dictus surveyed students to discover their true thoughts about the change to the schedule.

Students’ opinions about the new schedule was overruled with the response no. The answer no had been selected over 37 more than the answer yes did. Participants were given the following poll: “Would you rather have a 55 minute lunch and end school at 2:55 or have a 30 minute lunch and end school at 2:50?” The data that was collected shows that 92% of participants would favor having a longer lunch and ending school five minutes later. 

When the arguable topic of the original and the new schedule are put to the test one answer won by popular demand. Overall, participants preferred the former schedule rather than the newer one.