A Unique Way to Hydrate

When did Cirkul water bottles come out?

Cirkul bottles were first launched in 2018, first in Boston before moving to Tampa.


Who invented them?

Two university athletes created the company, Garret and Andy, were dissatisfied with the current beverage choices. They both were bored with how water tasted and wanted to supply more flavors for people to drink.


About the Product

Cirkul water bottles have three steps to start the drinking process. First, fill the water bottle with water and insert a flavor cartridge. Second, turn the dial to adjust the strength/intensity of the flavoring. Open the cap and turn the flip cap to be parallel with the fin on the flavor dial. Finally tip up the bottle and drink.


There are different materials that the water bottles are made out of which are: plastic and stainless steel. These bottles also come in different colors. However, Cirkul also sells grip chill sleeves, which come in a large variety of colors. The different ounces of the water bottles include 12, 22, and 32. 

There are four bundles to choose from, the bundle builder, the plastic bottle with a 4 pack, a plastic bottle with a chill sleeve and a 4 pack, and finally a metal bottle with a 4 pack.



According to Cirkul each flavor/formula provides a number of beneficial features for personal preference for each individual. For example, certain flavors offers zero calories, zero sugar, no added sweetness, electrolyte, vitamin enhanced, and caffeine. Cirkul has multiple different categories of flavors: LifeSips, FitSips, GoSips, PureSips, TeaSips, and BrewSips. There are a variety of flavors including but definitely not limited to, fruit punch, strawberry kiwi, lemonade, strawberry lemonade, tropical blast, orange tangerine, cherry limeade, grape, pineapple(unsweetened), apple(unsweetened), peach tea, raspberry tea, caramel iced coffee, and peppermint mocha iced coffee.


What do the different Sips mean?

As mentioned under the Flavors section there are different categories of flavors which are: LifeSips, FitSips, GoSips, PureSips, TeaSips, and BrewSips.


LifeSips– All natural flavors, added with B vitamins, and some are sweetened Stevia.

FitSips– Zero calories, enriched with electrolytes, and a couple are sweetened Stevia.

GoSips– No sugar and enhanced with caffeine.

PureSips– All unsweetened, a pure natural flavor, and known to not be overpowering.

TeaSips– Zero calories, no sugar, tea infused (currently two flavors available), and caffeine enhanced.

BrewSips– Zero calories, no sugar, and enriched with caffeine and natural coffee flavor.


Where to purchase a Cirkul water bottle?

Cirkul water bottles can be purchased through the website owned by Cirkul. These bottles come in a price range of $15 to $35 each. Flavors cost $3.75 each. 


Can it be customized?

The stainless steel and plastic bottles (22oz and 12oz) are customizable. There are several features you can customize: add text, add an image, add color, and/or designs. 


What are the benefits for the Cirkul water bottle?

  • There is fruit flavored water with the flavor cartridges expanding on the commonly found fruit flavor, there are also coffee and tea flavors.
  • There are no artificial dyes, colors or sugar.
  • The taste of water may not be a favorite amongst others, these added flavor cartridges might make one drink more. (staying hydrated)
  • According to Cirkul, one can refill your bottle up to around six fill-ups or 132 ounces on a medium flavor setting. While a liquid or powder packet flavoring may seem less expensive at times, it is one use only; while with the flavor cartridges one can enjoy multiple times.


What are the common complaints customers have had:

  • May leak around the seal (like any water bottle can).
  • Without the cartridges there is no use for the bottle (may want to sign up for the subscription plan or be aware when to order more).
  • The company has had billing issues for a few customers but has given refunds.
  • Shipping has been slow (due to all the campaigning on social media. It should return to normal soon.)


The Cirkul Craze

While the Cirkul water bottles have been out for almost four year now it has become viral thanks to social media platforms such as, Tik Tok and Instagram. Social media influencers on Tik Tok have been trying this product to show their followers; providing their followers with their personal reviews on the products and flavors.


Tik Tok Reviews on Flavors


@jerrydolan – Vanilla Iced Coffee 10/10 White Cherry also a 10/10 Mixed Berry 8/10 Strawberry Kiwi 10/10 loved it.


@ms_hemphill – “at this moment I fell in love,” Raspberry Lemonade 10/10. Strawberry Lemonade 4/10.


@trinhdoesthings– Vanilla Iced Coffee 8/10, Mixed Berry 8/10 and Fruit Punch 4/10 


@davidnosins– Fruit Punch 8/10 and Caramel Iced Coffee 4/10


@spenceralexisfitness– Cherry Limeade 10/10, Orange 9/10, and Peach Tea 10/10