Smoothies vs Slushies

As the weather becomes warmer, people may want a beverage to cool them down. This brings up the question, which is better slushies or smoothies?

Smoothies are a drink filled with a variety of ingredients such as fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, yogurt, and/or ice cream. A slushy is a drink made of flavored sugar water and a blast of carbon dioxide.

Valor Dictus asked a large group of students to help solve the debate on slushies vs smoothies.

There are a number of different flavors of both slushies and smoothies. Participates most popular go to flavors are cherry, coke, and a mixture of different flavors. When it comes to smoothie flavors strawberry in general came up several times. A few of the popular flavors according to the polls were strawberry lime and strawberry lemon. The weather can affect people’s decisions for daily life choices such as clothes, food, drinks, etc. There are people who do not care if the weather is cold they may still want a cold drink no matter the weather. The data that was collected from the participants shows that most would love to have a slushy or a smoothie in warmer weather rather than colder weather. However, there were still people that would like to have a slushy or a smoothie no matter the temperature outside.


Slushies and smoothies debate on which is better truly depends on the person. While smoothies seem superior to the majority of the participants; both slushies and smoothies have a special place in each person’s heart. As the weather becomes warmer one may have a hard time choosing between slushies or smoothies, but just keep in mind there is always tomorrow. Enjoy a slushy or smoothie any day.