Valor Dictus

The Death of Writing – and Why We Must Bring it Back to Life

Andrea Darmawan, Staff Member

April 13, 2018

I plop down on my couch after a long day of classes. I unlock my iPhone, open the News app, and start perusing the latest fashion and beauty articles. Finding one about Amazon’s most popular beauty products, I click on the story...

Letter to the Editor: Less Homework Won’t Help Students Get More Sleep

Antonio Maravilla, Guest Writer

February 24, 2017

By Antonio Maravilla, 9 The “Lack of Sleep Stunts Student Success” article in the latest edition of the Valor Dictus magazine resonated with me. However, there are many points that I do not agree with on the article. The first e...


Fatima Tahir, Guest Writer

February 5, 2017

President Donald Trump’s tumultuous first week in office marked a new beginning for American politics amidst protests, “alternative facts”, and 7 new executive orders. He was officially inaugurated on January 20th 2017; a day which he proclaimed...

Cue the Applause

Megan Thrift, Guest Writer

February 2, 2017

Personally, I don’t feel we are left out or excluded- but this is my perspective. We represent a smaller group of students in comparison to the students who would consider themselves athletes.  We call ourselves RAMbunc...

Bravely Speaking to the Robinson Community
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