Preparing for a New Chapter

Every summer a number of students start to apply for colleges whether instate or out of state. This is the time where students start to plan out their young adulthood. College is the place to learn and study interests relating to what you want to do for the rest of your life.



  • Be ready before classes (this means being prepared and having all needed materials for your upcoming class)
  • Research what major you would like to go into 
  • Time management 
  • Apply for a job while attending college
  • Being involved with orientation activities will help become more social around campus 
  • Academic support
  • Explore the campus
  • Confidence
  • Communications Skills


Students have different views, ideas, feelings, and desires when it comes to college. Valor Dictus asked 56 students a few questions regarding their future college plans.

Now that school is coming to an end, students start to have an idea about their plans for college. Out of the 56 participants only 10 do not know what college they are attending. One thing to think about is in or out of state college. There are 29 voters selected in-state while 27 choose out of state; almost split both ways. The colleges students are planning to go to ranging from a variety of colleges all around the US including University of Cincinnati, Purdue, William and Mary, Flagler College, James Madison, George Mason, Miami, along with several more. The idea of college may make some students nervous/worried for a number of reasons. Results show that the majority of the participants are most worried about everything but mainly grades. Each person has a different feeling about college; a pie graph displays that data that was collected. If you are worried about college it does not hurt to ask for advice. A participant gave the following advice: “It’s ok if you don’t get into your dream school and don’t apply to just one, have lots of backups. It’s not about the college, it’s about who you study under.” Another stated, “when you are accepted into a college, that college is telling you they believe in you, they believe you will grow and become the best person you can be. Even if you are not accepted into your dream school you will be accepted into the right school.”


College is a part of a number of people’s lives. However, each person does not have the same feelings and desires as shown by the data collected from the participants. There are students that have it all planned out while others do not, but that does not mean they do not have an idea of what college they would like to attend. College may be closer to some than others but no rush; make sure you enjoy your college years. Every person that provided advice on the survey stated in some form that you should not stress over what college accepts you.