Summer Break

Summer is a time for warm weather, no school, vacations, relaxing, and so much more. Once school lets out, students are free to relax. There are a number of activities that one can enjoy in the summer that one can not have the same level of enjoyment in the winter, such as, the pool, beach, warm weather, along with others.


Summer has a different meaning to every person. Students presented one word that they would use to describe summer; these words consist of hot, heat, relaxation, delightful, and freeing. Each person has different plans for summer. According to results, most students are going to the beach, traveling, relaxing, working, and shopping. When it comes to what participants enjoy doing during the summer the beach showed up the most, but the second most selected answer was relaxing. A pie graph displays the data for the question, “Do you like summer?” One can see that there are not many participants that do not like summer, while overall students love summer. The battle between beach or pool was heated but in the end there was one winner…  beach. The majority of participants picked beach over pool; beach gained 16 more points then pool did. The perfect summer weather is different for each individual; the results are displayed in a graph. Summer is the time where many people travel.  The data shows that most of the participants have plans for traveling this summer. There were a number of different places students are traveling to such as Morocco, LA, Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, the Bahamas, Africa, Florida Keys, Corolla NC, WY, Costa Rica, Vermont, and West Virginia.


Summer means different things for different people. Each person has activities that they enjoy to do in the summer and many people have similar plans for summer. Summer is a time for fun, relaxing, travel, the sun, along with many others. Enjoy your summer, it’s almost here!