The Split Between In-Person & Virtual


As most people know certain families have decided to go back to school for in person learning, whether their guardians or students chose to go back or not has been scheduled at the beginning of March. 

Depending on the grade level and each student’s last name will tell you what days you will go to school. For all the in-person students their parent/guardian should have received an email explaining what days their child will be returning to school. Freshman and Seniors will come back March 2nd while Sophomores and Juniors go back on March 9th.

Valor Dictus asked questions to see who is going to school in person and what they feel about the new change in the school year.

In the new season students are starting to register for in-person learning. The data displayed that more students are enrolled for virtual than in-person. On a scale of 0-10 students were requested to provide how they personally feel about going into in-person learning; 0 being not at all happy and 10 being excited. In general, the majority picked 0. Several contributors selected in the middle range, displaying that those certain people are neutral. When given a choice of what voters are least excited about the choices were wearing a mask, not having everyone there, being six feet apart, or readjusting. There were 48.2% of participants that selected not having everyone there, 24.1% said readjusting, and the rest were split. 

In closing there are different opinions on the topic about going back to school. At the start of March various students will be going back to school with a few precautions. As the results have shown there are mixed opinions on the reopening of school.