The Percy Jackson Series

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson, a twelve year old boy living with his abusive step-father and mother in New York City. He goes to a school for troubled kids where he meets his best friend Grover. When he is on a field trip with his class, his substitute teacher turns into a monster. Not knowing what to do, he tells his teacher, who expels him. His mom takes him to the beach but suddenly a huge storm hits them. Percy’s mom takes him to a camp called Camp Half-Blood, where he learns that his dad is a Greek god, Poseidon. Zeus has lost his lightning bolt, so it is up to Percy and his friends to find it.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan goes in depth with the characters traits and what he thinks the Greek gods would be like. This book is exciting and absorbing because it takes a look into Greek mythology and gives a twist to the mythology stories. The first book shows how twelve year old’s grow/develop; how trust and friendship are important.

In the book there are lines that are comical. The first line in the book is what Percy says, “look I didn’t want to be a half-blood.” Another quote from the book was “‘How did you die?’
‘We er…drowned in a bathtub.’
‘All Three of you?’
‘It was a big bathtub.’”

This book deserves five stars because you dive deep into the characters’ stories and connect to the characters at the very beginning. This book is definitely one of the best in the series.



The Sea of Monsters

In the second book, Thalia, the daughter of Zeus who was turned into a tree, has been poisoned! The protective borders have failed so the only way Percy and his friend can save the camp is if they go find the only magic item that will be able to keep the tree alive, which is the mighty golden fleece. The only problem is, on their journey they have to travel through a sea of monsters. Along the way, Percy must save his friend Grover while he soon realizes why it is good to be Poseidon’s son.

The Sea of Monsters shows even more of the growth and relationships of the characters. In this book you meet Tyson, a character that becomes a fan favorite as the series continues because he’s innocent and lovable due to his child-like personality throughout the series. Percy goes on another thrilling adventure to save his friends, while also battling the monsters that are coming his way.

This book deserves three stars because even though there are parts that are weaker in writing compared to others, in an effort to draw the reader in, you are able to see the growth of friendship and their connections between a close group of friends.



The Titan’s Curse

In the third book, Thalia, Percy, and Annabeth go to a school to pick up two demi-gods named Nico and Bianca. However, a monster has also found the two demi-gods. When they finally defeat the monster, the demi-god who stole the lightning bolt in the first book-Luke- captures Annabeth and the goddess Artemis. Now Percy and his friends must go on a quest with the Hunters of Artemis and the companions of Artemis to save Artemis and Annabeth.

The reader can see the lengths and dedication Percy would go to save his friends no matter the danger that is ahead. The book is filled with excitement and love because of the journey to save their friends and the care they have towards their friends to save the people they love.

This book deserves four stars because Percy must solve the demi-gods differences between the Hunters of Artemis and the demi-gods. This book introduces two new lovable characters that grow as the book progresses.



The Battle of the Labyrinth

In the fourth book, Percy doesn’t expect freshman orientation to be any fun, but when a mysterious acquaintance appears followed by cheerleader monsters things get a lot worse than he expected. As war approaches against Kronos and the Titans, even Camp Half-Blood isn’t safe. When Kronos’ army approaches camp, Percy and his friends must venture into the Labyrinth, a maze filled with dangerous surprises, to save the camp. Rachel, the only one who can travel through the maze, so she must guide them through, to find the inventor of the labyrinth.

The Battle of the Labyrinth consists of a mysterious maze that Percy and his gang of demi-gods have to navigate through safely in their efforts to find the inventor of the Labyrinth. The book is an engaging novel that takes the reader on a journey through a quest with Percy, Annabeth, and Rachel (a fellow classmate of Percy’s.) With every turn you grow more involved in the story and you will grow to love the relationships that are involved in this story.

This book deserves four stars because as the book continues the suspense becomes greater, while you are waiting to see what will happen next. The Labyrinth has many twists and turns with danger lurking behind. As in many books there is a climax; however, this book is a climax.



The Last Olympian

In the fifth book, Percy and his friend must prepare for a war against Kronos and his army. As Kronos’ army grows larger with every god and titan joining, the odds of the demi-gods winning shrink each day. As the gods fight the monster, Typhon, readying their forces to attack Mount Olympus, the titans advance on New York. Percy and his friends must protect Olympus while the Olympians are away while stopping the army of titans.

In The Last Olympian, Percy goes on another journey to save his friends and family while making many humorous remarks. This being the last book in the series, the reader will see Percy’s growth from being a 12 year old boy to the age of 16. Throughout all of his adventures he has gained experiences and knowledge that have made him into the person he is. Percy will remind you of the good old days in his life and will make you laugh throughout the read of this book.

This book deserves five stars because the story comes to an end as the titan army invades New York. Percy and the demi-gods show dedication to saving their parents and New York. These five stars are given because of the suspense as the war comes to an end.