The Harvest Season

Fall Activities 


Fall brings loads of activities people tend to do. A few of the popular activities people may take part in may be: visiting a fall festival, corn maze, pumpkin carving, watching scary movies, and jumping in a giant pile of leaves. 


Cox Farms


The Fall Festival at Cox Farms occurs from September 25th to November 7th this year. A portion of the activities that will be there may include but not limited to hayrides, multiple slides, Cox’s Mining Company, the goat village, and local tastings. The Fields of Fear occurs on Friday and Saturday nights. A handful of the attractions include: Cornightmare, The Forest: Back 40, Dark Side Hayride, and the bonfire areas. 


There is a variety of food you can enjoy. There is a market that has a ton of pumpkins and cider. If you’re hungry they also have kettle corn and different kinds of pies. Whether rain or shine the Festival Market is usually open. While in the festival many different snacks are available such as donuts, chicken nuggets, nachos, and caramel apples.




During the fall pumpkins were put in front of houses to protect the people from ghosts. Pumpkins symbolize crops and harvest, whenever someone thinks of a pumpkin they think of fall. Pumpkins are now generally used for decor and a fun family friendly art in craft. One may crave, paint, or even decorate a pumpkin to one’s desire. 


One may encounter pumpkins at:


-Cox Farms (Centerville, VA)

-Whitehall Farms (Clifton, VA)

-Reston Farm Fall Fest (Reston, VA)

-Krop’s Crops Fall Fun (Great Falls, VA)

-Burke Nursery (Burke, VA)

-As well as stores like Target, Walmart, Grocery store, and more.


Fall Drinks 


A popular fall drink to enjoy this time of year is cider. There are a large number of different kinds of cider. This beverage can be served hot or cold; it’s your preference. 


Starbucks has a variety of pumpkin flavored drinks and a few apple flavored ones, hot and cold. A couple of these seasonal drinks include, Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, Apple Crisp Macchiato, Pumpkin/Apple Crisp Frappuccino, along with a ton more.


Dunkin has similar fall drinks such as Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, Apple Cranberry Refreshers, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and a few others.


Skyline Drive


Skyline Drive is a 105 mile byway traveling along the Blue Ridge Mountains. The speed limit is 35 mph in most areas so you can roll down the windows and take in the fresh air while taking in the scenery. While admiring the views you will come across 75 overlooks where you can view multiple valleys below. Fall is known to be the most popular time to drive through, due to the pleasing colorful leaves. Any time you go you will encounter wildlife that may emerge down the Skyline Drive. 


What makes you think of Fall?

-Colorful Leaves


-Apple Cider

-Cold Weather 


What is the best thing about Fall?

-Leaves changing


-Cold Weather 


-Fall Clothes


When students think of fall the popular things that come up are pumpkins and colorful leaves. The best part of fall according to students is the leaves changing, pumpkins, and the cold weather. Fall is different for each person, but there may be similarities.