Valor Dictus

Fairfax High School Auditorium

Opioid Awareness Meeting

Imran Samadi, Staff Writer
May 24, 2023
Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has officially announced potential plans to sell the franchise. While nothing is definite, many fans hope that the current chapter of the team will come to an end.

Washington Commanders: Up for Sale?

Colin Beenhouwer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
April 27, 2023
Map with airplanes from America flying to other countries

American Expats

Annie Eason, Staff Writer
April 20, 2023
Robinson school desk with an overlay of the Mpox virus. The Mpox virus is pink and purple and rounded-rectangle shaped.

Mpox – A retrospective

Annie Eason, Staff Writer
March 31, 2023
Orange chicken with soggy rice and pineapple in plastic bin and two grapes in plastic bin- all food is in a black Styrofoam tray and the chicken and rice is in a brown tray

School Lunch

Annie Eason, Staff Writer
March 7, 2023
The centuries-old game of Chess has made a resurgence into everyday life. Many Robinson students play on websites such as

Chess Makes a Resurgence Into Everyday Life

Colin Beenhouwer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
February 22, 2023
Senior locker bay, 2 blue tables visible with a ring of yellow lockers in the background. A yellow, tiled floor is also visible.

Where Did the Lockers Go?

Annie Eason, Staff Writer
February 9, 2023
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Rhodes. Lunar New Year was celebrated on Jan. 22, 2023. It’s not only a day of commemoration of the new year but a celebration of the culture and the people coming together to celebrate it.

Celebrating Lunar New Year

Charlotte Rhodes, Staff Writer
February 5, 2023
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