Students Share Experiences with Driving Schools

Which school is right for you? Driving school graduates share their advice.

Starting junior year or at the end of sophomore year, kids are starting to be able to acquire their drivers license. With different driving schools to possibly get your license from, which one is the best for you? Valor Dictus asked Robinson students about their experiences.

“I took All American driving school, and it costed about 200-250 bucks,” said Samantha Hall, a Robinson student. “It was stressful because my teacher would yell and use his brake when it wasn’t necessary,” she said. “Even though the process was pretty quick, I wouldn’t recommend. I would recommend doing ANEES driving school because I heard that that one is the best.”

“I took APKA and I loved it,” Gabriella Degucz said.” It was completely stress free and was less than ANEES,” she said. “The process was pretty quick and I completely recommend. It’s cheap and teaches you the basics of driving and has flexible schedules.”

“The driving school that I took was the one at South County, and it was $200,” said Libby Fugate, another Robinson student. ”I think that it was very useful and stress free because I learned a lot from it. The process was a week of driving so very quick. I would recommend this driving school because you actually learn some tricks when it comes to driving. Driving is very important in the sense of you need to be taught right and know the laws.”