Cue the Applause

February 2, 2017

Personally, I don’t feel we are left out or excluded- but this is my perspective. We represent a smaller group of students in comparison to the students who would consider themselves athletes.  We call ourselves RAMbunctious or dRAMa to be a part of the bigger picture but we’re not a team with a mascot, nor are we competitive.

There is a sporting event you can attend at RSS every night of the week- sometimes 2 or 3 a night!  That’s incredible. Noteworthy.  It speaks volumes of not just the students who are dedicated and motivated but of the teachers as well.

I think it’s equally as incredible that we have up to a hundred students everyday after school and on weekends building, crafting, refining, rehearsing, forming and re-forming something  so that it looks like this spontaneous slice of life that magically fits between when the lights go up and when the lights come down. Hours upon hours walking that line between absolute chaos and perfect harmony.  Then we ask people to pay for tickets and arrive on time so we can share with them the tip of the iceberg while we try to conceal the mammoth process underneath.  They could have stayed home and watch Netflix and not even need to put on real pants.

Those few who are attending shows, who are clued in, who chose not Netflix- even just for one night-  I am beyond grateful for them.  Do I think everyone else is missing out? Yes. I just hope that when they want to make that leap, that we have tickets left.


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