Which Music App Does Everyone Have

Teens to College students, which music app do they use most?

Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube are all platforms that you can listen to your favorite songs to. Some have more special features of them that others don’t. Some of these features can either make the app better or worse than the others. But which one is the best platform to stream your favorite songs on?

“I love listening to music, but finding where I can get my favorite songs played is kind of hard”, Ben Barnedo says, a high school student. “I use Spotify to listen to music. I really like this app, it has all my favorite genres and other genres to listen to as well. It makes playlists for you based on what you listen to”, he says, “They suggest new artists and playlists so that you never run out of songs to listen to.” But there is always a catch to things “But even though it has any song possible, the adds are relentless, there are so many adds and you can’t choose any song, it is always played on shuffle unless you get the premium which costs extra money”, he says, “But all in all, it is a really good app, highly recommend!”

“For me, Apple Music is better than the other music apps”, Fernanda Villavicencio says, a George Mason student. “It offers many different playlists for all different genres, and gets updated frequently so I’m always up to date with new music and new artists”, she says. “Although apple music can only be acquired with a monthly payment membership, I still think its worth it”, she says, “It’s only five dollars, compared to others which can range from ten dollars to higher,  and also its very compatible with the iPhone.” “I highly recommend it to all iPhone users because of its simplicity and its low cost.”

“I use Spotify as my source of music, I listen to about two hours on a school day and an hour on a regular day”, Brooke Nedved says, a Robinson high school student. “I don’t have any specific genre that I listen to, I just have too many, especially with all the playlists that Spotify has and all there options of genres it contains”, she says “I like Spotify better than any other music listening app because I have the premium version, with premium you can skip as much as you want and choose any song without adds, I really recommend it.”

All these apps do cost money in order to have the best experience but even with the free version of everything, Spotify is the most popular, but does not mean that it is the best, all these apps are good and depend on each person’s preferences.