Andrew Tate; Who is he, and Why is he Trending?

By Kasper Limberea

Over the past few months, “Cobra Tate,” (otherwise known as Andrew Tate,) has been blowing up all over the internet. You may be wondering, “Who is Andrew Tate?” A former professional kickboxer,  Tate is now well known for his controversial opinions on women and many minority groups. His popularity sparked when he was disqualified from Big Brother for beating a woman with a belt. During an interview, Tate was being questioned as to why he chose to previously live in Romania. Tate proposed that 40 percent of the reasoning was because the sexual assault charges were looser. “I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea of just being able to do whatever I want. I like being free,” Tate said in a 2021 interview from The Fellas podcast.

 The former kickboxer originally left the UK for Romania while the police were investigating Tate’s many abuse allegations. Just to add onto the list, sexist comments aren’t the only things Tate is experienced with. Tate has also made a handful of racist, homophobic, and fatphobic statements.

Due to Tate constantly posting about his controversial views on social media, he has been banned from TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. When asked about the matter, freshman Ava Kallitsa-Fitzpatrick says they 100 percent agree with his punishment. Additionally, even Airbnb, Uber, and Discord banned his accounts.

Arguments have risen, questioning whether or not Tate being banned from so many platforms is a violation of his freedom of speech. “It’s not violating his rights because when you accept a platform’s terms of service, you also accept any consequences that may result from breaking a platform’s rules,” said junior Gabby Stutzer.

With Tate gaining popularity, so do people’s concerns. People are starting to wonder; how will this affect the younger generation of children? “It’s just going to get worse from here,” said freshman Connor Lygon “He’s probably just saying these things for attention, but he doesn’t realize that something he says could affect a child’s point of view on women for the rest of their life.” “I mean, primarily, teenage boys are still maturing, so they’re very impressionable, which means that Andrew Tate could unfortunately influence the way they think,” said Kallista-Fitzpatrick.Like many others, Kallista-Fitzpatrick and Lygon are very worried about how Tate may influence younger children, specifically boys. 

A Note From the Author

If he continues to go on in this way, it could be very bad for women of the future generations. Tate will corrupt their minds, and this will make life for women extremely challenging. Since children normally believe whatever they see, this makes it even worse. Imagine how many children have listened to his podcasts or read quotes by him and thought, “Good point.” This is why Andrew Tate needs to be stopped, and it needs to happen soon. He can’t go on like this forever. He can’t keep harassing women for the rest of his life.