Some like it hot…A Sampling of Curry Dishes


We sampled three unique curry dishes from three different restaurants. Curry is a meat or vegetable dish often served over rice. Read on to learn what to order and what to avoid.


Jaipur Royal Indian Cuisine

Murg Makhani
Rating: 2 Stars/3 Stars

 Taste: The Indian Makhani curry had a warm, buttery taste the entire meal. It was best over rice and with naan, but alone it was slightly forgettable. It isn’t too spicy, so it’s a good curry starter-dish.

Price: $12


Peking Chef

Curry Beef
Rating: 1 Star/3 Stars

Taste: This Chinese curry has a nice amount of spice, but it does not stand out among its competitors. The dish is only memorable due to the spice level, and when rice is added this dish actually becomes bland.

Price: $6.95 (regular)/$9.50(large)



Gang Curry Gai
Rating: 3 Stars/3 Stars

Taste: This is a Thai curry that has the perfect amount of spice and flavor. Alone, the meat and vegetables are succulent and delicious. On rice, this dish is the perfect example of curry. It leaves a lasting taste and is unforgettable.

Price: $8.95 (regular)/$9.95 (large)