Toy Story Review


The first Toy Story movie was released into theaters on November 22, 1995. The whole world was introduced to characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, and Slinky. The movie Toy Story was inspired by a short film named Tin Toy, a short film that was released in 1988. After the short film was created, the company that created the movie, Pixar, met with Disney to produce a computer-animated film that was told from a toy’s perspective. When the film was released into theaters in 1995, it became the first Pixar-Disney movie collaboration, as well as the world’s first fully computer-animated film. 

The movie begins with Woody living his best life as the main toy that Andy plays with and he was the leader of the group of toys. Andy is the boy who owns all of the toys, including Woody. Woody and the toys realized that today was Andy’s last birthday before he moved into his new house. They sought out to spy on the presents that Andy gets to see if there are any new toys in the presents. They send down an army of toy soldiers to go and give them information on what is inside the gift. After getting all of the information on what was inside those presents, they heard Andy and his friends coming upstairs, before shouting the iconic line, “Andy’s coming!” as he was about to open the door. After Andy and his friends invaded the room, Woody and all of the toys were all eager to know what was on Andy’s bed, and Woody volunteered and went up to investigate. Once he got up, he couldn’t believe his eyes; it was a space ranger action figure. Woody really wanted to meet him, but as he got near him, he shot his laser at him. The space ranger action figure introduced himself to the rest of the toys as Buzz Lightyear. All of the toys start to become amazed at how many buttons that Buzz has on him, and Woody starts to get jealous. 

Throughout the movie, Woody’s relationship with Buzz was inconsistent. At the beginning of the movie, he was very jealous of Buzz getting all of the attention from the other toys, leading him to try and get rid of him so he can get all of the toy’s attention again. Woody kept trying and trying but it wouldn’t work, and as the movie went on, he started to have a different perspective of Buzz. By the end of the movie, Woody and Buzz had become best friends. 

The climax of the movie came when Woody untied Buzz from the rocket, one of Sid’s toys, and then Buzz thanked Woody for saving him, before hearing that Andy was leaving to move into his new house. So, Woody and Buzz ran towards the moving van where it stores all of Andy’s toys, but as Woody got near the moving van, Scud, Sid’s dog, caught up to Woody and bit him in the leg to try and force him to let go of the moving van. Buzz saw that Woody was in trouble, so he dove toward Scud to let Woody get in the moving van. Once Woody was inside the moving van, he found a remote control car to help save Buzz. Once Buzz got on the remote control car, Woody used the remote control to help steer the toy car back to the moving van. As the remote control car was getting near the moving van, Woody slipped out of the moving van and Buzz caught him in the air to save him. The other toys realized that they had to help Buzz and Woody get on the moving van, so Slinky volunteered to help them, but the remote control car was running out of battery and was going slower, forcing Slinky to pull away from the moving van. Eventually, the force was too much and Woody let go. 

The falling action came once the moving van eventually drove away from Woody and Buzz, leaving Woody feeling like he would never catch Andy again. Buzz then realized that he was still wearing the rocket from Sid’s house, so he tried to start a fire inside the rocket. Woody asked Buzz what he was doing, but little did he know that the rocket was about to go off. Once the rocket exploded, Woody found himself flying in the air with Buzz holding onto him. Woody couldn’t believe what he saw! Eventually, they would reach Andy’s car. Once they landed inside the car, Andy was so happy that his two favorite toys were back and hugged them once he found them. The last scene took place when all of the toys were celebrating Christmas with each other in Andy’s new house. Everyone was happy and joyful while celebrating Christmas, but when Woody and Buzz heard that Andy got a puppy for Christmas, they both looked at each other and smiled awkwardly, knowing that they will have to deal with the puppy’s presence every single day. 

Overall, “Toy Story” was an iconic movie that would change the way Disney animates their movies for years to come. This movie would also set the tone for Disney animated movies moving into the 2000s. The movie also introduced one of the most iconic theme songs of all time in “You Got a Friend In Me” by Randy Newman. Overall, the movie was a true masterpiece. Ever since the first “Toy Story” was released into theaters, the movie was such a big hit that there have been three sequels to the movie franchise, with Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, and the most recent one, Toy Story 4.