Is registering technology through the school worth it?

Many teachers approve the idea of allowing students to bring in their electronic devices to help with schoolwork. As technology has developed, teachers find it is easier for students to keep track of schoolwork and notes with their electronic devices, which most students carry.

“[I like having] my Nook because it really helps when you need to look something up,” freshman Emma Denelsbeck said.

English teacher Heather Browne is one of many teachers who encourages students to use their devices during her class.

“I wish more students would bring their devices,” Browne said. “If students are actually using the electronic devices, there is no way they could be texting.”

Browne said common electronic devices she sees students bring in include eReaders and iPads, both of which can help them in different areas, such as reading or writing a paper.

Michelle Cummings, World History and Geography II teacher, said she has a few ways of incorporating electronic devices into her classroom, one of which is texting her students.

“[I use a] program to remind students of homework, projects and tests coming up,” Cummings said. “The website assigns me a random phone number.”

There are many possibilities on how students can use their devices in school. They can write a paper, read a book or look up information.

Associate principal Mike Mukai said he believes technology is the trend of the future and teachers are taking advantage of recourses.

Almost all textbooks are online now. Many teachers have their textbooks on Blackboard where students can log in and use them whenever necessary.

Many teachers encourage students who have yet to bring their devices to school to do so because they are known to positively help them in the classroom.