Valor Dictus

Disney’s Live Action The Jungle Book: Best Adaptation Yet

Aidan O’Meara, Entertainment Editor

April 19, 2016

Director Jon Favreau (Iron Man) is returning audiences to the jungle with his live-action revamping of Rudyard Kipling’s beloved novel “The Jungle Book”. Since 1942, there have been more than a dozen film adaptations of the literar...

To Appoint, Or Not To Appoint

Amelia Gulding, Editor in Chief

April 18, 2016

   With the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, there has been debate on whether President Obama’s appointment has the chance of being subject to vote in Senate. Republicans want to wait for the next president to make the decision, hoping th...

First Snow Day This Year for FCPS Schools

Louie Lewandowski, Features Editor

January 21, 2016

An inch of snow piled onto roads and sidewalks Wednesday, January 20th creating multiple accidents and a dangerous evening commute. Students took to social media, primarily Twitter, to use the infamous hashtag #closeFCPS that h...

FanQuest to Rock Robinson Saturday

January 15, 2016

Bravely Speaking to the Robinson Community