Robinson Displays Students Work in Annual Art Show

April 30, 2016

It’s that time of year again when many of the artists at Robinson come out of the woodwork and put their creative works on display. The Art Show is something that is greatly anticipated by many at Robinson, especially because of the large amount of people that participate in it.

“We have some amazing talent at this school,” said Tatiana Montione, along with every single person interviewed. There are so many people that have their work on display, allowing teachers and students to see the many new talents at Robinson and how the artists have improved from last year.

“I think it would be a huge boost in self confidence… to have everyone look at your stuff” said Ani Kalousdian. The Show, besides being an opportunity for people to view art, is a time for those participating in it to show off their work. However, just showing off their work of course isn’t the only benefit for the artists.

“It kinda helps me find inspiration in other people’s work” says artist Jared Lumbag. This event is a place where artists can get inspiration and money for their work.

“I can get a little bit of feedback from the people walking by and get a little money as well” said Matthew Cohen. One thing that remains certain is that from the food trucks that are parked outside to the varied art pieces inside, the Art Show is a unique event that brings art appreciation to the Robinson community.

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