First Snow Day This Year for FCPS Schools

An inch of snow piled onto roads and sidewalks Wednesday, January 20th creating multiple accidents and a dangerous evening commute. Students took to social media, primarily Twitter, to use the infamous hashtag #closeFCPS that had surfaced and trended on social media platforms last year when school board member, Ryan McElveen was heavily disliked for his decision to not close school on January 6, 2015.

Around ten o’clock last night a twitter notification was retweeted by over one thousand students accompanied by harsh memes showing their displeasure towards the two hour delay verdict. The anticipation for the presumed blizzard on news sites frightened the East Coast into stocking up essentials such as bread, water, wood logs, and batteries for the storm in case of power loss. Another tweet was released shortly after the two-hour delay was posted on the Fairfax Schools Twitter. The post mentioned “conditions will be reassessed in the morning and if closure is necessary will be announced by approximately 6:15 am.” A joyous moment for students arouse when the emergency button on the Fairfax County Schools website lit up red at six o’clock this morning announcing that school would be closed for the day. Students could now sleep in, get extra homework and studying done and enjoy the first snow of the year.

 The weather forecast calls for almost two feet of snow on January 22 through January 23. The National Weather Service recently put Northern Virginia under a blizzard alert. Students have already took to Twitter, yet again,  demanding tomorrow be closed too. Since there is snow a high precipitation rate and temperatures in the twenties, this makes a mix between rain and snow. This increases risks for ice to accumulate on the roads which leads to even more accidents. FCPS has already canceled school for Friday January 22nd due to the impending storm.