Microsoft and Sony go at it again

Ben Eisen and Shaun Salehi

Xbox one:

On May 21, it was announced: Microsoft would come out with a new Xbox.  One that was new; one that was improved; one that would shatter everything known about gaming.  Sadly, as more facts became known to the public, it was revealed that this new console would not blow everyone out of the water.  And, after the PlayStation4 was announced only days later, many gamers started wondering whether the Xbox one would even justify the time spent working on it.

The obvious place to start would be with multiplayer.  In the past, Xbox Live has been held up as a superior multiplayer forum.  Yet, as more casual gamers would get annihilated in Call of Duty as serious gamers shout at them to get better, the fact that the occasional gamer had to pay for getting verbally put down by adults-living-in-their-mom’s-basement completely slips anyone’s mind.  The worst part about the “new” Xbox Live, however, is that even though the GAMER has stopped playing, the game doesn’t.  So suppose a teenager is playing FIFA 14 with three random people from around the world.  Then, he suddenly has to go.  The other gamers on his team are left with a player who doesn’t do anything: in effect, there is no disconnect.

Overall, the Xbox One fails to deliver in its promise to change gaming.  Instead, hopeful teens who believed that it would fulfill are left going over to their friend’s house and playing on their PS4 as gamers from around the Xbox globe scream at him to get his act together.

Playstation 4:

The Playstation Four has had gamers worldwide anxiously awaiting its release ever since Sony revealed the first next generation console in the early spring. After the Playstation Three, Sony has had seven years to improve and advance and they seem to have put that time to good use. The system itself has a newer and sleeker design that is very appealing to the eye. It’s a lot smaller than the Xbox One however this little system packs a punch. With a five hundred gigabyte hard drive and eight gigabytes of ram the Playstation Four is a very powerful system. With the new Jaguar graphics core, the Playstation Four’s graphics are second to none. The controllers are vastly improved as well. The Dualshock Four controllers have a new touchpad and improved triggers allowing easier and better gameplay. Overall I would say that if you had a Playstation Three, the Playstation Four is a must buy. Sony has really stepped up as a company and will have their first chance at actually competing with Microsoft for power over the gaming world.