They’ve Poisoned the Water Hole

December 8, 2016

The week of Thanksgiving, there was an email sent out by Principal Matthew Eline stating that the health room water had unhealthy levels of lead in it. According to Eline, it was discovered that one of the pipes leading to the health room was the cause. However, Eline stated that, in the second test, the lead levels were down to safety standards, and there was nowhere else in the school with this problem. The safety level allowed for lead in water? Zero (according to the EPA). The entire county decided to check the water in schools after the crisis in Flint, Michigan. Following FCPS instruction, Eline waited two weeks before sending out the email, so they were 100 percent sure whether or not there was a major problem. However, Principal Eline didn’t appear concerned about the levels of lead in the water.. “I’m not worried about anyone getting sick, because nobody really drinks out of the health sink,” said Eline.  “I also haven’t gotten any emails, so there doesn’t seem to be a big uproar from the parents,” The nurse declined an interview.                

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