Homecoming could have been better

The glitz and glamour, the clanking roulette wheels, and plush red felt carpet, the idea of Las Vegas sounds fantastic in every situation. So the choice to make it the theme of this year’s school homecoming dance would seem quite logical. The additional change of location to the main hall left many students with a renewed excitement for the annual dance. However, when it comes to the homecoming dance, there’s usually less than stellar execution.

As far as the actual decorations go, homecoming most definitely delivered. The dance showcased green felt poker tables nestled in the locker bay, strings of lights adorning the walls, and a flashing techno dance floor. These decorations were evenly distributed across the main area (first half of the main hall), excluding the cafeteria which was surprisingly barren. All in all this is probably what the SGA did best at this year’s homecoming.

One of the most important parts of a dance is the music, which was both good and bad. The actual music featured was definitely no let down, ranging from an upbeat techno mashup to an only slightly neutered rendition of Lil Jon’s “Get Low”. there definitely was something for everyone here. The problem with this music selection however, is it doesn’t really fit a homecoming dance style. While the dance floor was undeniably hectic fun, the masses of dancers looked more akin to the Robinson Rave from earlier in the year. This style of dancing definitely didn’t go well with the change of locations to the main hall as well. The already packed together masses gave off insane amounts of heat, especially in the relatively tight hallway, which is only made worse by the student’s packed on layers of formal clothing.