George Mason University Interns

George Mason University has quickly climbed the list for the top rated universities in the United States. It currently holds the first spot in the US &World Report News “Up and Coming Colleges” national list.  Students are fortunate to have a well-known university that is equipped with some of the most popular college programs, and not to mention a beautiful campus right up the street.

Students should take advantage of the university, especially juniors and seniors, because it can help them explore different fields and programs for their futures. GMU offers many programs open to high school students to help them prepare for college workloads, professors and the overall college experience.

Another opportunity that graduating seniors should consider is possibly interning at the university, especially if a prospective student is interested in applying at the university. However, interning at GMU looks professional and mature on a college application for any university.

However, getting involved in the local college community is not only for upperclassmen. Students from all grade levels have homework, and often need a quiet place to study. GMU contains two libraries on their Fairfax campus that are open to the public.

They provide an excellent study area because of the quiet and peaceful environment. Also, students are able to interact with college students so high school students are able to get a firsthand look at what college students are up against.

Some may argue that working too far ahead and getting involved in college orientated things cause students to unnecessarily stress themselves out about their futures. However, a student should be able to assess their abilities and make a decision to incorporate some pre-college planning.

Getting involved in the local college community opens up a large array of doors for high school students. It helps takes the overwhelming stress off senior year because the pressure to figure out the future increases along with the pressure to finish high school off on a good note.

Students who choose to take advantage of programs or simply study at GMUs libraries will definitely have a better perspective of college when the time comes.