Coaches Cross and Pearson tie the knot

George Watkins, Staff Writer

On a recent weekend instead of their usual responsibilities coaching the football and volleyball teams, Matt Cross and Jill Pearson, now Jill Cross, spent the weekend with each other. On Jan. 5, 2013, the two wed at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Anyone scared of heights would have had a hard time at the ceremony,” Jill Cross said.

The wedding was on the top floor of the Stratosphere, 112 floors above the ground, with a group of family and close friends totaling 18 people.

“The wedding went better than planned,” Jill Cross said. “The view was great and I was so glad my friends and family decided to make the trip and come to the wedding.”

The Stratosphere is a hotel and restaurant in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. It features a spinning restaurant on the top floor which gives diners a 360 degree view of the surrounding area.

“I wasn’t nervous at all,” Matt Cross said. “When you know it’s meant to be there isn’t any reason to get nervous.”

Congratulations and best wishes from the Valor Dictus staff.