New Turf Field Benefits School Community

Betsy Berenback-Gold, Focus Editor

With brand new markings and durable turf, the school recently bought a $1.5 million field in order for students to have an improved place for their activities and athletics.

Principal Dan Meier said the main reason the school got a new turf is so all the Physical Education classes, Athletic teams, and students can have more space to use for everything.  The new field is a way to create space, since the old field could not be walked on or used because of the fear of it getting destroyed.

Football coach Trey Taylor confirmed that the field improved his football team because to have all the markings on the new field will help with alignment purposes and there is no need to keep repainting the field. Also, regardless of the rain and weather that’s not cooperating, the new field is always a sturdy surface to play on and the football team won’t have to rearrange practices.

“It’s nice to practice on the field we play on because it’s a great surface and that we don’t have to go to patriot park anymore,” varsity football player Benjie Canady said.

Stephen Diggs varsity football player agreed by stating the new turf allow us to play on a non-muddy field when it rains.

Also, not only can everyone play and practice on the field, but the maintenance level rapidly decreases compared to the old turf.

Marty Riddle 11th grade sub-school principal said with a new turf field there isn’t as much maintenance to be done. In the past we had to over seed it with rye grass, fertilize the grass once every two weeks, cut it, and paint it. So the man hours working on the field and the money that went into it was significant. Now with less man hours, we are able to take care of the new field easily.

Mr. Meier agreed and said, “The old field’s grass can die easily, while artificial turf can’t. The original grass takes up a lot of time and money and people can’t even walk on it without tearing it up. But, with the new turf students can go on it all the time.”

The new field also adds a safety component to the school’s teams and clubs.

“Last year when it rained the kids had to drive and practice at Patriot’s Park, which rose up the chances of kids getting in accidents, kids getting left there. But, now that we practice on this field all the time and not go anywhere. So from a safety prospective, it is a huge advantage,” Taylor said.

A disadvantage to the new field was the extensive cost. The overall cost was $1.5 million and numerous organizations helped contributed towards it.

“The boosters put in $500,000, athletics put in a lot of money, BRYC Soccer put in $400,000, Northern Virginia travel soccer put in around $200,000, and we received two generous grants from Fairfax County Board of Supervisors,” Riddle said.

Some think the cost was worth it in the long run because the positive attributes out weight the negative.

“It was expensive, but over the long haul it will be well worth it and it will save on maintenance,” Meier said, “now everyone can play on it all day everyday.”