Concert courtesy

MK Koszycki, Staff Writer

• Respect the opening acts. They work just as hard as the headliners and have a great deal of courage to get up in front of large groups of people who do not even know who they are. Arriving early and sticking it out through the first band or two can also result in getting really great seats. And who knows, maybe the opening act will blow everyone away. Just because they are not headlining does not mean they are bad.

• At general admission shows, do not mosey on in to the venue five minutes before the headliners go on and expect to make it way up in the front. Hardcore fans will arrive early and stick it out through the openers, even if they are not into it. The rules of elementary school apply here: no one likes a line cutter. If standing five feet from the frontman of the band is so important, arrive before the first act to stake out the perfect view.

• Do not get in people’s personal space. It is hard to do when everyone is packed like sardines into a small, dimly lit room, but it is possible. Do not breathe down the neck of other concertgoers or headbang so hard, long hair hits the people nearby. Gigs are also not the time to show off flashy dance moves. There is a greater chance audience members will be annoyed with those flailing everywhere than they will be impressed. It is equally as bad to stand completely still and cross-armed throughout the whole gig. Even if a friend dragged the grumpy viewer along to a show and they are not even sure who is performing, or it turns out they are just not that into it, they should try to look like they are having fun. Being aware of the surroundings is key.