Hear Me Out

MK Koszycki, Staff Writer

Melody Records

Find it: www.melodyrecords.com or 1623 Connecticut Ave N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009
Prices: While popular selections can be pricey (vinyl ranging from $11.99 to $20), 8″ records and CDs are sold at a more reasonable price(about $5.99 to $9.99), and there is also a bargain bin in the store.
Selection: From pop to world music and more in vinyl and CDs, with a helpful staff to id you in finding what you are looking for and ordering unavaliable music.
Location: It is located in Washington D.C.’s Dupont Circle neighborhood and is easily accessible by taking the Metro from Vienna to Dupont Circle

Fairfax Record & Tape Exchange

Find it: www.rtxrecords.com or 9448 Main St Fairfax, VA 22031
Prices: Competitive and reasonable prices with new vinyl at around $20 each, and older LPs and CDs ranging from $5 to $15.
Selection: Huge assortment of old and unique vinyl and a massive CD selection. Most items are gently used.
Location: The store is located off of Picket Road, next to Trader Joe’s in Fairfax, which is an eight minute drive from Robinson.


Find it: http://www.insound.com/vinyl-records/
Prices: Insound offer sales, uncommon tiles and special offers which make up for the shipping costs. Be sure to check out the ‘Awesome’ category and click on ‘special offers’ to find great deals. Do not forget to check out the bargain section under ‘music’ to access Insound’s sale items.
Selection: Insound offers a multitude of titles in vinyl and has posters, band shirts, record players and more.
Location: Insound is an online store accesible at the link above. It is perfect for those who prefer to shop for vinyl without leaving their house.

A version of this article appeared in the December 1, 2011 print edition on page 13.