GMR makes effective changes

The school’s daily news broadcast, Good Morning Robinson (GMR) has not always been top notch.  However, due to the changes made by the cast and crew leading up to this school year, GMR has transformed into a news show that many students say is far improved from years past.  Although the crew is small, they all work hard to get the broadcast done, which is edited every weekday after school (or even during RAISE or lunches).

Even though the morning broadcast is what they are known for, the crew is most proud about their sports livestream, which streams many different school sporting events across their website, complete with live commentary.

“We’re really proud of the work we’ve accomplished for the livestream,” said junior crew member John Hissong.  “It took a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to do what we have done.”

In addition to the livestream, the crew has made sports an integral part of their morning broadcasts, creating montages of every football game and even other events such as field hockey playoffs or cheerleading competitions.  These clips have helped to grow interest around school in sports that one normally wouldn’t consider as being extremely popular.  This has led to large home crowds at almost every sport so far this school year, and has spurred many teams on to victory.

To a student not on the GMR crew, one of the bigger changes is the diversification of clips shown on the broadcast.  From football montages to Yu-Gi-Oh Club clips to This Day In History, the clips shown on the broadcast have become increasingly better and more diverse.

“We are trying our best to give sponsorship to everyone that needs it,” said sophomore crew member Sam Sikora.  “To show how each part of the school is special in their own way.”

The changes made to Good Morning Robinson have greatly improved the show, as both students and crew acknowledge.  The crew will continue to have more ideas to put forward and make the show even better, and give the school the news show it deserves.