Coaches do it for their team

Throughout the year our sports teams have gone through a plethora of injuries, setbacks, and complications, but were able to conquer the adversity in the end.  This adversity would not be quite so easy to power through if not for the support of our coaches.  The athletes constantly strive to be the best that they can, and at the helm of it all is the coaches.  Day in and day out, our coaches give their time, energy, and effort to pushing our sports teams to greatness.

At the end of every sports season, coaches say goodbye to the senior athletes that will not be returning the next year, yet they always find a way to be successful the next year with whatever group of athletes is put in front of them.  A coach’s job is never over, because even in the off season they have to prepare for the next. “In our off season workouts we have added more cross fit and more strength training to better prepare for the coming year,” said coach Bills, one of our varsity basketball coaches. They have to make new plays, run workouts, get the athletes in shape to be better in the next season, and so much more.

In past years we have lost coaches due to retirement or school transfers, but there are a several coaches who have been with us for years such as Coach Bills, Coach Evers, Coach Nelson, Coach Jones, and others.  Coach Bills has been coaching here for six years.  “I think from the start it was a struggle to get going but in the last three years we started to pick up and we have had a lot of success.  The one thing I want from the rising freshman for next year is better communication.”  We welcome any new coaches, but it is also beneficial to our teams to have coaches who are experienced with our teams throughout multiple years’ worth of coaching.

In the end, it all comes down to how the athletes perform, and our coaches are always confident that when that time comes, they are as prepared as they need to be to face the competition.  Coaches face not just personal obstacles, but obstacles of everyone on their team.  A team’s success is a coach’s success, and without coaches, we couldn’t be the athletic school that we are.