Baseball athlete spotlight


A front view of Sisk

As the varsity baseball team prevails, senior Adam Sisk continues to be a key component behind their 10-4 record. He credits the successes to his coaches and the team’s chemistry.

“Getting the instruction from the coaches everyday has made the team great. Also, playing is easier and more enjoyable when you are friends with the whole team. We have good team chemistry and it helps us play at a higher level,” said Sisk.

During his high school career, Sisk has played both right and center field. Proving his love for the game, Sisk will continue his baseball career in college at James Madison University.

“It’s the greatest game on the planet. It’s hard to explain. When I’m on the baseball field, it feels like I’m in a different world. Whatever’s going on out there, good or bad, it doesn’t matter,” said Sisk.