The bearded boy with a golden voice, the school’s first streamer

His voice has been heard by thousands of listeners over the football and basketball seasons, his beard can be seen from a mile away. This is Greg Coogan, he has been commentating the live streams for football and basketball. He has become quite popular throughout the community. “I don’t see it as something I do as an extracurricular activity, I see it as something I love to do.” said Coogan. He has covered multiple events and when asked which his favorite one to commentate was, he said, “My favorite event that I’ve commentated on has to be the Special Olympics just because I knew how much it meant to the students to be in the spotlight.” Coogan also had several amazing moments where he had to make some amazing calls. “My favorite moment that I’ve commentated so far has to be at the Chantilly game when we blocked the field goal to win it.”

Coogan has made quite a name for himself as more and more people are watching the broadcasts. “The most rewarding part of the job is when players from the team or player’s parents thank me for doing this for their family members who can’t make it to the games. For example, a player’s dad has a job that requires him to live in Australia and he was never able to watch his son play, but now with the broadcasts it is possible to bring the families closer and it is a gratifying feeling to be a part of making that happen.” Coogan said. Coogan may be the star of the show, but there are a lot of behind the scenes action that makes the broadcast possible. Coogan praised the help of his equipment crew, “None of this would be possible without the great people from “Good Morning Robinson” helping with all of the equipment and making the show look spectacular.” Coogan broadcasts all of the varsity basketball home games and are on demand and live at Given all of the popularity that he has gained over the year and how many people watch his broadcasts each game, it is definitely safe to say the Greg Coogan is “The Voice Robinson”.