Science Olympiad starts season off with success

The Science Olympiad team is off to an enormous success with their past tournament held at Fairfax High School on Saturday, Jan 11. The team did extremely well with two teams of 15 students from the school placing 7th and 8th overall out of 22 teams.

“This was our first invitational tournament,” said Science Olympiad coach Melissa Booker. “Invitational tournaments are nice because they help the team prepare and improve for regional or state competitions.”

Competitions took place in science subject areas such as Astronomy, forensics, maglev, bungee drop, experimental design, water quality and geological mapping.

The invitational took place all day starting at 7a.m. and ended around 9p.m. with individual event medal winners included in subjects such as Maglev in 1st place, Water Quality in 2nd and geological mapping in 3rd.

The Science Olympiad team has only competed in regional and state tournaments in the years prior and continues to go to more invitationals to receive more practice.

“I really enjoyed the invitational because we received a lot of great feedback from the event supervisors,” said Booker. “This will help us improve in future competitions.”