Religion plays role in relationship

When two people decide to start dating, everyone wants to know the romantic story that brought them together. Some may say it was ‘his eyes’, or ‘her spontaneous personality’; others emphasize ‘how respectful he was towards my parents’ or ‘how involved she was in her religious community.’ Many mainstream media outlets have expressed that the role of religion does not heavily influence this generation’s youth when it comes to the decision in whom they date. However, for some students the role of religion does play a dynamic role in their decision to date.

Senior Autumn Guckert is a devoted Christian who carries her morals with her in all aspects of her life, including whom she chooses to romantically involve herself with. She met her current boyfriend through church and they have been dating for a little less than two years. She explains how there are certain things that she looks for such as how respectful the other person is to her family, and shared values.

“I think that it’s still really important for kids to incorporate religious morals into their relationships because it allows you to date for a purpose, which ultimately cuts down on how hurt or heartbroken you may get from other relationships,” said Guckert.

Senior Fatima Ahmed also puts her faith at the center of her philosophy on dating. In the Qu’ran, the holy scripture that Muslims follow, dating is no where deemed prohibited. However, in most societies where Islam is the prevalent religious practice, dating seems to be a taboo. Since Islam is not the overriding religion in America, Muslim students often turn to their morals when it comes to the topic of dating.

Ahmed explains that as a Muslim the general belief is that dating in high school is unnecessary because it causes the students’ focus to stray from their education, because of the unnecessary stress that is brought on by relationships. Education is concept that is extremely valued in Islamic culture and seen as the main priority of the youth.

“My parents have told me that once I am in college then I should consider dating and creating relationships. I agree with these morals to an extent because I believe that you can find your soulmate whenever. There’s no specific time frame such as high school or college; it can happen today or it can happen tomorrow. No one knows,” said Ahmed.

Ultimately, students seem to make the decision that will make them happy whether that means that they incorporate their religious morals or not.  Senior Elaina Finklestein who practices the religion of Judaism talks about how she proudly practices her religion but if she ultimately ends up with someone outside of her faith then it would still be acceptable.

“[In my religion] It doesn’t really say anything about dating. The adults ultimately want you to marry a Jewish because they are beginning to die out and the elders want the religion to be carried on, but in reality they don’t seem to care. There aren’t that many Jewish folks that live in this community, but I think that’s one of the greatest things about living here because there are so many different types of individuals that are willing to connect to those who have a completely different view on life. It’s beautiful to be honest,” said Finklestein.