Ice Cube plays it cool in “Ride Along”

“Ride Along” shows just how far a man will go to earn trust and respect. “Ride Along” follows the life of two men; Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) and James Payton (Ice Cube). Ben is in love with James’ little sister Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter) and desperately want to marry her. Ben was recently accepted into Atlanta Police Academy and wants to become a cop like James and prove he is worthy to marry Angela.

The movie fit into two genres, comedy and action. The comedy aspect of the film was top-notch, it is full of jokes that have the audience walk out of the theater still laughing over and telling their friends. Kevin Hart does a fantastic job keeping the jokes new and fresh and keeps the movie funny throughout. This is by far is his best acting performance so far in his career. Ice Cube does a good job not only making viewers laugh but also keeping his hardcore personality through the action scenes. The progression of the relationship between Ben and James was a key point in the film, the chemistry between the two actors was seamless throughout the film.

The action aspect of the film was above average as there where a lot of explosions and car chases and it actually makes the heart race when watching it. Ice Cube kept his persona as a real hardcore cop by excelled in the shootout scenes. Kevin Hart was the comic relief in the action scenes as his mischief kept the viewers laughing during even the most dramatic scenes.

The movies downfall was its very predictable and bland plot line. It is really basic and doesn’t bring anything extraordinary to the film. Luckily it has enough comedic content that it doesn’t particularly need a strong plot. This is not for those looking for a strong, tug at the heart film. However if the viewers are focusing on watching a comedy for purely the jokes, they will definitely want to come along for the ride.