Homeless man walks into modulars during class

A homeless man wandered into an IB Math Studies trailer holding a sleeping bag on Tuesday, November 6.

Students explained that the man looked out of place and no one knew exactly who he was.

“At first everyone was really confused and thought he was a teacher or Mrs. Conwell’s friend because he was looking right at her,” said senior Haley Iriondo. “He mumbled something about the bells and science and then repeated himself and then he walked out of the classroom.”

Math studies teacher Colleen Conwell talked to the homeless man when he came into the classroom and after he had left, she locked the door and called security to make sure he was not a threat to any teachers or students.

Safety and Security Assistant Rodney Keefer said the modulars and trailers have now recently begun to lock their doors to ensure there are no repeats of what happened.

“The man left the school grounds soon after the incident and the Fairfax County Police department found him,” said Safety and Security Assistant Sandra Corbin.