English department to host event at Barnes and Noble

The English department will be receiving funding by hosting a book fair at Barnes and Noble on Wednesday, Dec. 11. The event will be taking place from 4 p.m.-9 p.m. The purpose of this book fair is to raise money so the English department can supplement new books and supplies for their department clubs and activities.
The primary purpose of the event is to not only raise money for new materials for the department, but to also support the groups that currently have no funding through dues or school funds. Examples of these would be Carousel and the Poetry NOW club.
Customers that plan on attending this event should mention that they are shopping on behalf of the English department.
The event is looking for kid volunteers to help run it, and the students that choose to help can get volunteer hours and credit.
Barnes and Noble is giving the English department 15-20 percent of the qualifying net sales during the book fair. Money can also be earned from the online sales taking place that day and five days after the fair.
Vouchers will be distributed before the event and papers have been distributed all around the multiple subschools to advertise the fair.
“Barnes and Noble contacted us,” said English teacher Jennifer Fulton. “We contact them fairly regularly about getting books in that our students are going to be reading.”
Barnes and Noble called and spoke with Lisa Green who was the former English department chair about the opportunity and then Fulton further contacted them.
“Because of the budget cuts, we don’t have as much money for books, so we are really hoping we can help the English department,” said Fulton. “We want to supplement our budget and then help other groups that don’t receive funding.”