Principal Meier’s Accomplishments Over a Decade

Principal Dan Meier has been the principal of the school for over a decade. Throughout his career at the school he has made multiple achievements, both academic and in the community. This accomplishments range from getting new computers and smartboards in the school to getting the school ranked one of the top 5 schools in Northern Virginia.

“When I got to Robinson all the other schools were either just built or had received money for renovations.” Meier said, “I felt as though we were behind all the other schools.”

When Meier first got to the school there were no telephones in every class room, there were not any smartboards and the school did not have as many computers as it does now. Since the school never received any money for renovations, the computer and technology were added in increments.

“Whenever money was found in the budget, we would add computers.” Meier said.

Other accomplishments that Meier lists is when ABC’s 20/20 came to the school to do a piece on academic accomplishments. Former host Charlie Gibson came and interviewed teachers about the website

Meier has also served as the President of Farifax County High School Principals association; he was the president from 2007 to 2009. As well as serving as the president he also served as the Chairman for the Northern Region Council from 2005 to 2006.

“When serving as the president of the high school principals you are in charge of the academic side of high schools.” Meier said, “Whereas the Northern Region Chairman is in charge of the athletic part of high school.”

Before Meier became the principal of the school, he was a coach at Chantilly. When he was offered the position at the school he decided that he would not become the principal of the school unless his kids were willing to come to the school as well.

“Robinson was a great school when I got here,” Meier said “All I did was polish and enhance the school.”