College: not always the right option?

Join the Military: Instead of spending four years attending a university, students can enlist in a military service branch of their choice. In addition to giving back to the country which raised them, students then have the opportunity for the military to pay for their college tuition.

Serving in the military is regarded highly by colleges. In addition, college can still be attended after a student’s years of service have been completed and they want to voyage into another career field. The military supports attending college and students with degrees are often better specialized to serve. Students are given the option of serving and then attending school, and once completing their degree they can return to the military.

Military service teaches responsibility, drive, accountability and many other valuable lessons in addition to kick starting a long term career.

Join the Work Force: Students who are not able to or suited for attending college can join the work force right out of high school. There are many options available to students who decide this is the best option for them.

Depending on the student, putting off school can be the smartest choice a student will make. Participating in an internship program can give students a leg up in the industry of their choice. Through internships, students not only make connections but have the opportunity to gain real world experience before beginning a permanent career.

In addition, paid positions are a way for students to save money for further schooling. If students continue to live at home while working they have the possibility to make enough money to pay for tuition and books on their own.

Many students find diving straight into the work world is the option best suited to them.

Take a Gap Year: Taking a gap year before attending school is beneficial for some students. Students apply and are accepted to schools and then inform their top choice that they would like to defer their acceptance for a year.  A gap year is designed for students to travel the world and experience life, not simply to spend an entire year playing video games on their parent’s couch.

Taking a break from the stress of school to expand their horizons and experience new  is the push some students need to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Students have the opportunity to work with organizations such as the Peace Corps or Habitat for Humanity, volunteering their year off to benefit the world.

Alternatively, they can participate in backpacking trips around the world on various continents. This is a beneficial opportunity for students to experience their lives before they have to settle down into school and work.

After their gap year students then attend college.