Peace Award given to Fairfax County students

Fairfax County often advocates their appreciation of devotion displayed by active members of the community. Once a year, Herndon Friends Meeting awards a handful of students who have shown predominant acts of peace or interest in conflict resolution in their individual or external communities.

This year, the ceremony was held at the Clifton Community Hall on Sunday, March 3rd and awarded 12 students who have actively played a role in the movement towards peace within communities throughout the United States or the world.

The program has been active for eight years now and awards one student from each of the multiple schools in Fairfax County. This year, juniors and seniors from all public schools and three private schools received the award for their projects that centered involved some aspect of conflict resolution or peacemaking.

Teachers, school administrators or counselors that recognize a certain student’s devotion to peace nominated possible recipients for the award.

The award is presented to students who have specifically created projects, clubs and organizations which “demonstrate commitment to peace by engaging in activities that strive to end conflict either locally or globally.”

The students’ efforts also cover topics that are controversial within schools or the community in order to bring about positive resolutions to those issues or help diminish discrimination within a community against any social, economic, or ethnic background.

The information for guidelines on what is taken into account when considering a candidate for the peace award is provided by Herndon Friends Meeting, the organization responsible for putting together and awarding the Student Peace Award of Fairfax County.