FBLA Looks Ahead With Events

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a co-curricular student and teacher organization that helps lead students to success in different careers. This organization aids student’s by allowing them a way to gain leadership and business skills through different events, projects and competitions.

According to FBLA’s vice president, Nick Western, the organization is based on three different tenets: service, education, and progress. All of these allow hands-on activities that will benefit people’s lives and careers.

Competitions are a big part of the FBLA organization. The most recent one was March 12, 2013 and our school placed in a majority of the events while facing multitudes of schools from the region.

According to Co-President, Angelina  S’ouz, there are many different types of events at competitions. Some are online tests that the student just has to study for, while others are large presentations, reports and projects.

“The competitions on Tuesday were amazing. On that day we had our awards ceremony and our officer campaign for elections. It was a very tough competition and we had many of the kids do extremely well,” regional president, Timothy Rodriguez said, “Robinson did very well with 21 first place wins, 13 second place wins, and 12 third place wins for our region.”

All those who win get to advance to state level, so the next step for some of the FBLA participants is the state level.

“It was so great to see and feel all of the positive energy and excitement from FBLA members from all over Northern Virginia! Every competitor performed extremely well, and I’m excited to see our State Leadership Conference competitors work their hardest for their chance to compete at the National Leadership Conference” Western said.

Conferences are also an important aspect to the FBLA organization, which is where FBLA participants from all over come together to meet. Conference activities include workshops, competitions, and social events.

“There are so many great things about FBLA, but my favorite would have to be the conferences, especially at the national level, “ Western said, “Imagine walking into a room with up to 10,000 other high-spirited teenagers from all over the world showing their enthusiasm for their states and FBLA!”

FBLA have made great strides in helping the community by promoting service learning programs within our school. Every year, the school participates in the Virginia FBLA state service project benefiting the ASK childhood cancer foundation.

According to S’ouz , project  ASK is the NOVA region community service and within this project, items such as gift cars, movies, etc. are collected to support children with cancer. There was even a benefit concert planned for this cause.

In addition, the school does additional service projects like working with the PTSA and other Robinson organizations to become a more eco-friendly school.

FBLA is always looking for new members and the school currently has one of the biggest organizations in the Region.

According to Rodriguez, you don’t’ have to be amazingly involved or do everything that is available in FBLA. You can do whatever you want to do and you can make FBLA into anything you want it to be.

“People should join FBLA to get the edge in their future careers and life. FBLA isn’t just business. It’s the skill and leadership development in FBLA that makes it a perfect fit for everyone.” Western said, “Say you want to be a doctor. You’re going to need to know how to do your taxes. You’re going to need to know how to give presentations. You’re going to need to know how to connect with patients, co-workers, and community members alike. Skills like these are key parts of the FBLA Experience.”