Seussical – Middle school performance utilizes high school helpers

Before putting on “hairspray” for the high school spring musical, some of the cast gets down with Dr. Seuss. For some time, the older actors of the drama department have been helping the middle school students with their productions. This year, three juniors in particular made a huge effort in pulling off the middle school production and inspiring their younger peers.

“I tend to think of them as my children,” junior Mary Turgeon said. She, along with juniors Matt Lynch and Jamie Green, volunteered to help the middle school students. They all said after leaving the middle school drama department they continued to help out with technology and sets.

The high school students help with all components of the theater process, Turgeon said, including props, publicity, technical controls, choreography, set paingting and costumes. She said this year is the first year a high school student is leading the choreography for a middle school play.

Lynch said it is positive experience to work with different directors and the middle school students because high school students usually work with one director. He also said a lot of the younger students show respect to the high school students because they know they volunteer their free time to help.

Green said it is fascinating to see their attitudes and how they’re different because he knows he will be working with them next year and he thinks the cast of this year’s Seussical! is one of the most talented.

“It’s amazing to see kids who are doing theater for the first time,” Green said. “They’re the most talented cast I know.”

All three juniors emphasized there is an essential process behind the scenes of the theater world. Lynch and Turgeon said so much more goes into a show than just acting and everyone should try acting and technical support.

Turgeon said, “You can’t forget where you started. There’s acting, but the process of it all helps you find out who you are.”