New stat club to be formed in March

In late March, there will be a new club meeting for the purpose of collecting statistics. Probability and Statistics teacher Marvin Sim said the goal of the club is to have an environment similar to the Elias Sports Bureau, so that people will have access to more statistics.

“I’m trying to cater the club towards the fantasy football players, the psychology students who ask questions, basically anyone who asks why,” Sim said. “I want to make a club where students who don’t like math can learn relevant information that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.”

The club will be open to anyone, even students who are not taking a probability and statistics class at school.

“This is extremely useful information to know how to do, there are so many jobs out there that involve statistics,” Sim said. “I also plan on opening up a Twitter account so that people can see statistics in the middle of games as we’re making them.”

Statistics gathered from members in the clubs will be sent to coaches so they can use them to get a bigger picture of how a game went.  The club will meet once every two weeks, so members have a good idea of what’s going on.

Sim said, “The club is a work in progress. Our goal is to be like the Sportscenter of Robinson when it comes to providing statistics for people.”